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18.08.2016, 13:57
Hi everyone, first of all apologies for the message in English, I realise this is a German forum. I need some advice/help as I'm driving my 1999 156 2.5 V6 from Belgrade (where I've been based for the past 6 years) to London where my car is originally registered. I had the catalytic converter removed a few years ago as it was faulty and now I need to install a new one and make sure that my car will pass the UK Technical Inspection called "MOT". Ideally I'd get this done somewhere along my route back and I plan to go Belgrade-Slovenia-Graz-Passau-Nuremberg-Frankfurt-Koln-Aachen-Brussels-Calais.

If anyone can provide contact details/name of any reputable service in Germany that is likely to have the parts, either after market or original, and can do the installation, please let me know.

Vielen dank!

18.08.2016, 14:55
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