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Carl Johan Paulsen
07.08.2016, 19:54

Sorry to write in English, I hope it is ok. I have an Afla GT 3,2 that needs a cambelt change. Can you recommend an Alfa specialist in Northern Germany? I live in Denmark. And what do you pay in Germany for that service?

Thanks in advance, I read German very well, my written German is just too rusty.

Best regards


07.08.2016, 20:20
Hi Carl Welcome. :-->>
Hope somebody can help you.

I could recommend Auto Krämer in Euskirchen.
He is an Alfa Romeo V6 specialist.

auto-krämer - Ihre freundliche Fachwerkstatt in Euskirchen - Das Team auto-krämer freut sich auf Ihren Besuch (http://www.auto-kraemer.de/)

Carl Johan Paulsen
07.08.2016, 20:36
Perfect, thanks a lot!