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04.02.2015, 20:40

can anyone help me my climate control is totally dead. Checked fuses all are good.

tried a proxy alignment and not listed at all

please help

joe from M alta

05.02.2015, 10:50
have u check the climate control with an ELM327 CAN-BUS Adapter and Multiecuscan ?

When its dead, then u need a new control, cost at the dealer ~650€ :(
but in ebay, u get some second-hand for ~120 - 150€

good luck

05.02.2015, 11:08
Hello Joe

Welcome here in the ARP :-->>

Is your air conditioning yet filled?
Because the system has a pressure switch turning on when not filled
plant protects

Greeting Eddy

05.02.2015, 13:05
Hi jowoo,

is the mileage-indicator on your cars dashboard flashing ?
Maybe a dumb question, but have you checked the wiring on the climate-control-unit itself ?

someone here around is selling parts for an alfa 159 2.4, maybe you can ask him (personal message)
if he's selling climate-control-unit

kind regards

05.02.2015, 16:12
@eddy : seine Klima-/Heizung im 939er Spider ist dunkel, d.h. das ganze Dispaly ist tot.
wäre KLima nicht korrekt befüllt, dann würde nur datt "Knöpsche" midee Schneeflocke
nicht an gehen ;)