Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : AlfaOBD demnächst auch mit Spracheinstellung

30.10.2011, 00:45
Als kleine Alternative zu
Fiatecuscan (http://www.fiatecuscan.net)

AlfaOBD (http://www.alfaobd.com)
kommte demnächst auch mit Spracheinstellung und einer Version für Android Betriebssystem

12.01.2012, 16:08
Seit 28.12.2011 gibt es die Version 1.5.6 (http://www.alfaobd.com/AlfaOBD_PC.rar)

und hier für WinMobile und PDA (http://www.alfaobd.com/AlfaOBD_PDA.rar)

History of changes :
28.12.2011. Version 1.5.6
More support for Lancia Thesis and Delta. Some bugs fixed.

27.11.2011. Version 1.5.5
Support for Engine control units Siemens VDO, Motorola, Bosch Motronic M2.10.4, Bosch Motronic Me7.9.9, Gas Metatron 5D0 EOBD, Marelli IAW 5SF8 Natural Power, Hitachi MPI (mot. 1.8 16V '98), Magneti Marelli IAW 5AF Gas, Magneti Marelli IAW 5SF8 Tritec, Magneti Marelli IAW 8GMF CF5/EOBD (Bravo 1.4), Convergence Lauberhorn (Blue&Me), airbag Siemens MY06, Electric steering Delphi (Punto), FUJI SG-CVT au***atic gearbox (Palio/Punto), Passive Entry FL/MF (Thesis/Stilo), Electric hood Dura (Spider), ABS Lucas EBC 430 (Marea), ABS TRW ESP (Delta 181), Suspension Magneti Marelli (Delta 181), Telecheck Eltrac. Auto-detection procedure improved for KL-interface.

29.10.2011. Version
Support for airbag units added (AUTOLIV 1/2, TRW 1). The wrong address of Metatron Gas injection unit fixed.

23.10.2011. Version 1.5.4
More support for Mito / Giulietta / Grande Punto / Punto Evo / 500 / Doblo / Fiorino / Qubo. Added support for Gas Metatron 6A0 / 6A0 EOBD, Gas Landi Renzo LC02, Diesel Marelli 8DF CF5, Body Computer Siemens.

03.10.2011. Version 1.5.3
Improved support for Mito / Giulietta / Grande Punto / Punto Evo / 500 / Doblo / Fiorino / Qubo. Added support for M3.7.1 engine control unit.

07.09.2011. Version 1.5.2
Added support for Au***atic gearbox and suspension on Mito, ABS on Giulietta; Climate Control Denso, Airbag, Parking, Radio&Convergence units on Mito / Giulietta / Grande Punto/Punto Evo500 / Doblo / Fiorino / Qubo.

27.08.2011. Version 1.5.1
Fixed problems in diagnostics of C-CAN units on Alfa Mito/Giulietta, Fiat Grande Punto and Punto Evo. Added support for Body Computer Delphi, engine control units Bosch MED7.63, MED17.3.1 CF5/EOBD (CAN), Electric Steering Delphi (CAN).

18.08.2011. Version 1.5.0
Beta support of Engine control units on Alfa Mito/Giulietta, Fiat Grande Punto and Punto Evo, dash and body computer on Giulietta, ABS on Mito and Grande Punto. Fixed bugs in diagnostics of Aisin Q-System.

10.07.2011. Version 1.4.3
CAN Proxy alignment procedure added. Fixed bugs in diagnostics of ZF4HP20 gearbox (Alfa 166/Lancia K).

25.06.2011. Version 1.4.2
More support for Lancia Thesis: Instrument panel, doors, seats, cruise control, suspension, climate control, power steering, headlights.
CAN bus nodes status and proxy configuration read.

18.06.2011. Version 1.4.1
User interface improvements: resizable window, meters activation/deactivation by double-click. Support of Bosch parking units added.

14.06.2011. Version 1.4.0
Full support of Marelli Instrument panel, Denso and Marelli Climate control, Doors Bitron and Webasto added.

24.05.2011. Version 1.3.1
Support of Marelli Diesel 6JF EOBD engine control unit added. The issue of AlfaOBD mobile not starting on certain devices fixed.

09.05.2011. Version 1.3
Support of Delphi MT25E/MT27E engine control units, parking control Valeo (Alfa 166), driver door Unico Bitron, electical steering Mitsubishi SZK (experimental) added.

02.05.2011. Version 1.2.1
Bug fixing release. Bug in the PC version in connection via Kline interface fixed.

01.05.2011. Version 1.2
New brand/model - based interface for selection of Control Units to diagnose. Au***atic detection and verification of connected control unit. Support of Bosch Motronic Me7.9.10 CF5/EOBD/PDA, Marelli Diesel 6F3 EOBD, Au***atic gearbox AISIN YLII 5, Driver and Boot doors TRW, and Marelli/Microsoft Convergence units added. Bugs fixed.

04.04.2011. Version 1.1
Support of Bosch Motronic MeD17.3.1 CF5/EOBD and Bosch Motronic ME7.3H4/ME7.3H4M added.

27.03.2011. Support of Hitachi Engine control unit , Electrical steering TRW, Instrument panel VDO added, support of Marelli NavConnect extended. Support of ABS 5.3 updated for the new version of OBDKey interface software. Bugs fixed.

19.02.2011. Support of Magneti Marelli IAW 4AF/4EF/59F/5AF/4SF/4SFG added.

11.02.2011. Support of Magneti Marelli IAW 5SF added.

02.02.2011. Support of Magneti Marelli IAW 5NF, Visteon Instrument panel added, support of Body computer Marelli extended.